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Karen Pasacreta

Karen began her writing career over 15 years ago reporting for local newspapers on anything and everything of interest to women. She even traveled to Nicaragua for a series of articles on the women’s movement in Central America. Karen has also written for many Connecticut-based magazines. While an editor at Teaching K-8, a subsidiary for Highlights Magazine for Children, Karen interviewed renowned and inspiring children’s authors. She recently quit her job as a full-time copywriter after her last baby and is now juggling working from home with the challenges of raising three daughters: a teenager, a toddler, and an infant. She provides humorous and informative insight on busy moms and raising her three daughters at vastly different stages on her blog: When she isn’t helping with algebra homework or singing ABCs, she’s working in the middle of the night typing away on her new MacBook Air.

Stories by Karen Pasacreta

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I always thought I would have three children. Growing up there were three in my family, so it felt natural. It wasn’t something I aspired to,...