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I'm a writer living in upstate New York. Spent two years as a newspaper reporter in Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor (he came to our town when a company went bankrupt, I met him, Elvis was in the building), then spent 29 more years in New York City as an event planner for the pharmaceutical industry, ultimately becoming president of the company. I returned to my hometown in 2010 to semi-retire and write fiction and opinion/humor columns full-time. My blog is called The Squeaky Pen (, on which I post a column twice a week. I've completed a novel, Delta Dead, a suspense thriller based loosely on a murder that occurred in Arkansas in 1981. Worked with Richard Marek as editor on Delta Dead (he refers to it as "your wonderful book") and while Delta Dead has been published through Amazon, I'm still looking for an agent and traditional publisher. Now completing my second novel (in editing stage) called Holliday House, about a quirky family named Holliday (like Doc) living in central New York. Of course there's an odd suspense twist, which is my thing. I've been published in a supplement to The New York Times, and in Self Magazine, Working Woman, and many times as a newspaper columnist. I've also served as editor of several non-fiction books, including a centennial work for a yacht club, a 50-year anniversary book for a periodontal association, and a coffee table book on an historic home in Minneapolis; was the editorial director of a women's health journal for 25 years; the editor of a boating magazine on Long Island; and continue to edit several newsletters, both medical and consumer. I have a BA in communications/journalism and served as the executive director of a woman's health foundation for almost two decades. I've traveled around the world for business and pleasure and am glad to be home at last, where I'm involved in my community (planning commission, library board) but where I really prefer sitting on the front porch of the Victorian house I renovated in 2003, drinking cups of coffee, listening to the birds, and dreaming up murder mysteries. Life is more than good.

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