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<p>I&nbsp;moved from South Africa to Yorkshire, England, having spent nearly two decades working as a television producer. My work as a journalist, scriptwriter and producer of documentaries, and lifestyle and environmental programmes, has given&nbsp;me a rich life experience that&nbsp;I share through&nbsp;writing.<br /> I am&nbsp;also an artist, have taught art classes and workshops for many years, and have a love of finding creative expression through photography too.<br /> Although I lived in South Africa for a long time, and through many contrasting, difficult and dynamic times, I have also travelled a lot, and the sum of all these experiences have shaped who I am.<br /> A lightness of being,&nbsp;combined with&nbsp;a&nbsp;strong dose of humour, is the way I prefer to&nbsp;traverse life.&nbsp; Enjoy the&nbsp; universal journey!</p>

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This story contains graphic or mature content. “I don’t think I cried, but I do remember hearing a little girl’s voice whimper:...
A dead ostrich, a rough brick house on a bedraggled hill, and a celestial name that inspired heavenly possibility. This was what greeted me as I...