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Larnette Phillips

I have been writing full-time since 1991 and have been widely published - novels in soft cover and audio. I have also done alot of freelance writing. These days, I am a motivational speaker, own my own company of several of my projects and am a caregiver to my sweet mother. I am the author of SEASONS, SULLY AND ME and FACES--THE SACRED JOURNEY. I am also the creator and author of the book series, SOUTHERN HUSSY BITCHES and DAME CORDELIA OF BEVERLY HILLS. I love collecting "rare collectibles" and have a passion for that. I love to travel when I can and I also am a great physical fitness enthusiast, biking and walking every day.

Stories by Larnette Phillips

When my father died on July 12, 2005 I felt a “voice” telling me to stay and help my mother. I’ve always tried to follow that voice...
Life changes and I’ve learned that with every highway, there are two directions. Sometimes we choose the road we take and at other times, it...