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I&nbsp;am the eldest of four children.<br /> I come from a town that has no stoplight.<br /> I don't love eating meat, but bacon is a weakness.<br /> I moved to a different state when I was 10 days old.<br /> I have never tried shrimp or ribs. (I know! It's awful)<br /> I hope to go to medical school to become an Ob/Gyn.<br /> I have worked in Kenya at a HIV/Aids maternity clinic.<br /> I met my significant other while picking my friends up from the bar.<br /> <br /> I'm new at this... :-)<br /> <br />

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This story was originally written for my sister who was absent from our most recent family trip to Costa Rica. I was ready to dig into my book on the...
This is my first post, so bear with me! I am currently fully submerged in an absolutely wonderful relationship. I have been dating my boyfriend for...