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I am a Work at Home mom, raising 4 boys and a baby girl. All of whom are 8 and under. My forth boy was born with a complex Congenital Heart Defect and has had 2 out of 3 open heart surgeries to &quot;repair&quot; his heart. My oldest has ADHD and is homeschooled. He has his ups and downs and often times is quite a handful to teach. I&nbsp;have another child in public school and another in preschool, and my baby girl just hangs out and watches it all. All of this keeps me very busy, and while sometimes it can feel like it is too much to handle, deep down, I love every minute of it.<br /> <br /> I started blogging in 2005 to keep friends and family updated on out life, and have moved around and used different blogging websites until I&nbsp;settled in with blogspot. I have found that blogging is a great way to connect with other work at home and stay at home moms, as well as with other Heart families who have children with heart defects. It is also a very therapeutic way to clear my head and helped me to learn how to to let things go. <br /> <br /> I&nbsp;was recently diagnosed with Postpartum Depression and I&nbsp;am learning how to get through that.<br /> <br /> Stop by <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank">The Nut House</a> and say hi and leave a comment, I love visitors, and I&nbsp;love meeting other Heart families and other ADHD families.<br /> <br />

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