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I am a married mother of four children. (1 girl and 3 boys). I love spending time with God, talking about God and allowing Him to use me to help, inspire and encourage people. I absolutely LOVE taking walks. I like to take them by myself, with my husband, with my children or with a friend. I would rather hang out with a friend taking a walk together than going shopping. I have been told I have a story for everything and I can be quite the talker but I also love listening to other people's stories, life lessons they have learned and anything else they want to share. I wrote a book in 2007 which was a collaboration of stories I had written about my children. I continue to write stories about my life, my children, my love of God and anything else I may be encountering at the time. I did not grow up writing or ever feel it was something I would be doing but it has been something I have discovered on my journey about myself. I am in no ways a deep writer or even a professional but merely a person who writes in the same fashion as I talk. I like for people to feel like they are sitting down across form me at a table when they are reading my articles..

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Some of the most interesting, funny, and imaginative conversations I have had has been with my children. They never stop amazing me with their...