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I've been singing and playing the piano since I was 4...though that doesn't mean that I'm a musical genius (far from it). My favorite color to see is royal blue, and my lifelong goal is to own at least 1 of everything in gold (like: gold colored lipstick, gold-colored shoes, a golden ballgown, a gold-sequined mini dress, gold colored eye shadow, etc...). I am a hopeless romantic who has tendencies to create fairy tale endings for her friends' romances. I believe in the existence of true love with all of my body and soul. I don't like broccoli, cooked spinach, or folding laundry. The only thing that I can cook well are chocolate chip cookies; everything else is basically inedible. I think that wildflower honey is nature's medicine, and I mix it with my shampoo and conditioner because it gives me shiny hair. I just finished painting my house to look like a mansion; it's harder than most people would think, painting floors in one room to look like marble and others to look like sandstone (not to mention hunting down elegant drapes!).

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