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<p><strong>An irrepressible entrepreneur, Maria entered the business world at age 14, landed on Wall Street at age 17 and shattered the glass ceiling at age 21</strong>.&nbsp;Fiercely determined and keenly insightful, she became a bond trader when female executives were as rare as pink diamonds. Maria spent the next 20 years streamlining corporate operations and generating profits for her employers. Her penchant for dispensing valuable advice became evident as she mentored other women, transforming secretaries into traders.</p> <p><strong>In 1998, brimming with over 25 years of business experience, Maria founded Elevating Your Business, a business development company dedicated to helping high-achieving women who own professional service businesses.</strong>&nbsp;Maria customizes solutions to detect and overcome each client's unique obstacles, helping them create the business and lifestyle they only imagined possible.</p> <p>Maria pioneered the &quot;Business Checkup Assessment&quot; a proprietary three-step process business owners use to determine which areas of their business they are stuck in and which areas get a &quot;hurrah!&rdquo;&nbsp;<strong><span>After many requests to share her insights on what small business owners can learn from bigger businesses, Maria created a step-by-step program called &quot;Corporate Secrets Marketing&trade;&quot;.</span></strong>&nbsp;Her concepts have been quoted regularly in prestigious media outlets including: Money magazine, Jim Cramer's &quot;The Street&quot;, Women's Day, Market Watch, Advisor Max, and The Bottom Line.&nbsp;Her strategies are mentioned in several books including: &quot;Six Steps to Free Publicity&quot; by Marcia Yudkin, &quot;Streetwise Small Business Book of Lists&quot; edited by Gene Marks and &ldquo;Find Your Inner Betty&rdquo; by Tanner Stransky.</p> <p>She will deliver fabulous commentary to you too!&nbsp;Maria has spoken internationally <a rel="nofollow" href=""><span>at more than 100</span></a> business and association meetings, retreats, conferences, as well as on radio and TV shows. Maria is an Internet-marketing veteran, trained life coach, certified teleseminar leader, author and former newspaper columnist.<br /> <br /> Learn how we help our clients earn more and impact lives at <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a></p>

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