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I am a tired old soul. Whatever I signed on for in this world wore me down. I am a strange mix of spirituality and the pragmatic. I fully believe in Evolution and I fully believe in God. God created all the intricate evolutionary patterns. I never understood the big fight of which was the answer. It is all God's doing, He is the master chef, scientist and bottle washer. He made us all connected this way so we would be connected...get it? I have lost everyone in my life who meant anything to me. I have a husband now who loves me and that is a good thing. But, I realize that I am a warped, beaten and fat old lady. Jobs, houses, cars etc are nothing in the scheme of things....the whole point was life. Life matters and what you learned and what you leave behind. I don't mind dying, I have been to the other side, so to speak. It is a wonderful place full of love and belonging. You don't earn your way to Heaven, you already belong there, you were born there and return home when your time on earth is done. That was a huge revelation to me, that I belonged HOME. I love the woods, fishing, water and road trips. This country is huge, we should see it more often. Take the road that is not the usual highway. See what God has put in the back roads, see the people that make up the small towns of America. I wish everyone would realize that there is only one GOD...and it goes by many religion is better than any other...more wars have been fought over GOD....He is not proud of that....anytime you say your religion is better than you are saying that theirs is worse / heathen etc and that violates GOD's love plan for unity...YOU like to feel superiour with your religion, and this sets up a case for the other person feeling inferior.....does anyone get it? there is one GOD, it is the good in all of us...fight for a cleaner world/ children's rights/women's rights / better medicine.....but for GOD's sake, leave HIM out of the fight.....He gives us the brains/ energy and desire to do many things and we squander it on bloodletting wars and savagery among ourselves....Bravo

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