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I am an organic Homesteader working to make my new home a biodiverse farming system.&nbsp; I&nbsp;do believe that this is better for my family as well as mama earth.&nbsp; I&nbsp;will be open for business this year selling organic produce and eggs as well as learning how to make goat cheeses, soaps and herbal mixes that are grown from my property. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;believe in the vegan principles of life and strive to stick to as close of a vegan diet as possible.&nbsp; I&nbsp;have been a vegetarian for the last 2 years but do have my cheeseburger moments.&nbsp; I&nbsp;have overcome Cervical cancer and kept my diabetes in check just through the help of herbs and this diet switch.&nbsp; I&nbsp;strive to give my family all they need as naturally as I&nbsp;possibly can with making my own household products and growing all our own food.&nbsp; We keep chicken, ducks and goats on our property and I&nbsp;consider them part of the family.&nbsp; They all bring us such joy. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> I love to quilt, knit, and look forward to the day that I&nbsp;can get some sheep and a spinning wheel.&nbsp; This is my goal by autumn.&nbsp; I am a spiritual person, but not religious.&nbsp; I do believe that it isn't what faith you have.... but that you have faith.&nbsp; I&nbsp;strive to respect and honour all beliefs and ways of life.. what is right for me may not be for others and diversity is what brings spice in life.&nbsp; Namaste.. &nbsp;<br />

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