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If there is one motto that best describes me, it would be “I’m still learning,” said by Michelangelo. My father gave me a placard with the saying on it for Christmas one year and it has hung on my wall ever since. This saying is something that I have taken to heart. I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile. My love of books has been something that I have enjoyed since I was a child. One thing that made me different from the other kids was the fact that I usually had my nose buried in a book. My reading instilled in me a love of learning and a desire to gain as much knowledge as I can. My father, seeing this love of knowledge growing within me, gave me that placard as a reminder. He also gave me the advice to never stop seeking to grow. I have built a large library filled with my favorite authors, Stephen King and Ayn Rand, being just two. I have books covering a multitude of subjects including history, biographies, natural science and astronomy. There is not a subject that I will not read about if it intrigues me. For example, I volunteered at a local zoo for a number of years and I wanted to learn about the animals. I began reading multiple books on the subject, but I was particularly interested in animals of the feline persuasion as I was gifted with having a close relationship with two lions. My intention was to learn more on the subject, but I also wanted to share my knowledge with others. Unfortunately, my family recently experienced a great loss with the passing of my father. My family has always functioned as a strong, cohesive unit, and it is heartbreaking when an important piece is missing. My mother and I are the last two, and while we have always been the best of friends, losing my father, her husband, has forged an even stronger bond between us. Overall, one of the gifts that I appreciate from my father is that placard he gave me all those years ago. The saying “I’m still learning” and the memories of my father are something that I will carry for the rest of my days and will continue to shape my life.

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