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<p>&hearts;I am a CAMWHORE.<br /> &hearts;I paint my world in PINK and RED.<br /> &hearts;Hair is just my FETISH.<br /> &hearts;Poetry is my effin LIFE.<br /> &hearts;Motocross is my extreme SPORT.</p> <p><br /> &hearts;My tastebuds crave for the SWEET CONFECTIONS. &hearts;<br /> &hearts;I am a certified CHOCOHOLIC.<br /> &hearts;Strawberry cake is the sweetest.<br /> &hearts;I love Kiwi Lemon.<br /> &hearts;Vanilla Ice Cream is SUPERB.</p> <p>&hearts;I am NOT Perfect. &hearts;<br /> &hearts;I always get my hair messy.<br /> &hearts;I laugh so hard.<br /> &hearts;I cry easily.<br /> &hearts;I eat a lot. A whole lot.<br /> &hearts;I oftentimes spoil my clothes with what I eat or drink.<br /> &hearts;I sometimes trip when I walk.<br /> &hearts;I&rsquo;m stubborn.<br /> &hearts;I don&rsquo;t listen.<br /> &hearts;I make mistakes.<br /> &hearts;I say things that hurt others.<br /> &hearts;I fail to understand people at times.<br /> &hearts;I fall out of love.<br /> &hearts;I act like a crazy person.<br /> &hearts;I&rsquo;m a TEASE and a FLIRT, but NOT a BITCH!<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &hearts;This is What I am.&hearts;<br /> &hearts;This is Who I am.&hearts;<br /> &hearts;I CHOOSE NOT TO BE MISS PERFECT. &hearts;&lt;/div&gt;</p>

Stories by Melizena

In the stillness of the night A soul lies awake Feeling the need to unleash its true identity To show the world, indeed, just who is she...