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 I started writing as a young girl in grade school.It was something very personal to me. It was how I vented,how I worked through my issues,how I communicated how I felt....the list goes on! I found that it became something very special to me. It became my passion,in life,as well as many different genres of music as well. I can't write music. But I can sing pretty good! When I sing, I feel as if I am purging my soul! One of my life goals is to write a book about everything I have done,seen,been through,and learned in life. It would basically be "My story". And just maybe,it could inspire that one person that may be going through what I would be writing about. And THAT,my friends goes into the fact of how I really get pleasure out of helping others and maybe making their existence more meaningful,positive,and livable!  I have a heart of gold when I am touched by something said or done. Meaning that I LOVE to keep the ball rolling when inserting self into the changes made around me,which will be the enlightening of self and others! Hopefully this does not sound arrogant or anything. I really care about other people,often too much that I lose myself in the process!

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“When you first encounter doubt, assume the best. Because without fact or ‘certain’ knowledge it is simply a figment of your...