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Became a producer for our local public access station here in San Luis Obispo.&nbsp; I didn't know the first thing about video tapping or editing.&nbsp; Asked my son if he would help me video our local farmers market and well hole in the was born.&nbsp; Do a weekly blog on a 3 generational family that lives, promotes and documents the sustainable lifestyle. Just a lot of fun. Even have a spot for my 2 grand babies who talk about how to catch a lizard and grow sunflowers.&nbsp; Very entertaining and informative.&nbsp; I am very proud of it.<br />

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The group that was hell-bent on taking over the world is the living group. Anything living is an Organism. Organisms are very special and unique...
Bless you. Trees don’t sneeze. People sneeze. Dogs sneeze. Lions sneeze. But trees don’t sneeze ‘because they don’t have...