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The practice of ego2heart helps couples to begin a transformative journey of deepening intimacy by communicating and listening from the heart. This transformation involves going from a self-focused and self-indulgent perspective that prioritizes &ldquo;Me&rdquo; and the ego to the mindfulness of a relationship that prioritizes &ldquo;We&rdquo; and a deeper soul connection. The practice of ego2heart embraces humility and a compassionate intuitive listening which in turn brings inner truth, increased intimacy, and a more purposeful existence.<br /> <br /> What we teach in our workshops is based on our personal story, a journey of finding ourselves individually, beginning our destined relationship, and embarking upon the path that has led us to fulfilling our life&rsquo;s purpose. Through our work, we offer couples a way to expand non-judgmental, compassionate, and mindful listening with spontaneous and heartfelt expression, using the same practices that have deepened our intimate relationship &mdash; meditation, dream work, shadow exploration, synchronistic awareness, intuitive listening, connecting with nature, and learning to listen to the voice of the inner child. Ultimately, the journey brings couples into an awareness of the &ldquo;Third Presence&rdquo; and allows them to hear the &ldquo;Voice of the Relationship&rdquo;. We conduct ego2heart workshops in Israel and in the USA as part of our commitment to share this practice with couples around the world and to help them develop a more intimate relationship.<br /> <br /> The core practice of intimate communication that is practiced in ego2heart is based on the &ldquo;Council Process&rdquo; &mdash; a heartfelt communication, reconciliation between men and women, and the deepening of intimacy originated by the American Indians. Dr. Jack Zimmerman is a pioneer in recreating the ancient process of Council in contemporary terms with colleagues at the Ojai foundation in Southern California. Zimmerman and his life partner, Jaquelyn McCandless, are the authors of,&nbsp;<a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"><em>Flesh and Spirit: The Mystery of Intimate Relationship</em></a>, Bramble Books 1998.<br /> <br /> The practice of ego2heart supports the unification of body and spirit in a heightened state of awareness. Our goal is to help individual partners in the relationship to practice tools of listening intuitively to each other and to the &ldquo;Voice of the Relationship&rdquo;, an entity existing as a third consciousness in the relationship and representing authentically the union beyond the limitations of the individual personalities and egos. It serves as a neutral witness with a pure perspective and opens up a spontaneous heartfelt communication between couples, helping to heal the relationship by giving voice to what the relationship needs. In the process, the partners open themselves up to the mystery of wholeness and deep bonding.<br /> <br /> The workshop is useful for a wide variety of couples. Those caught in combative relationships can learn to move beyond their differences. Relationships that have &ldquo;gone flat&rdquo; find ways to &ldquo;bloom again.&rdquo; Individual empowerment flourishes in a relationship that has gained access to a Third Consciousness. <p><br /> Visit our blog at <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a><br /> More information about our workshops at <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a></p>

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