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<span class="text">Where have the years gone?!. I'm now 45 and&nbsp; feel like I have lived a lifetime already. If the good Lord took me today I'd only be regretful b/c I want a lot more time with my Husband and family. I have 2 great biological children, now 2 grand daughters, Nadia and Alena, and 2 awesome stepchildren. A woman couldn't ask for anything more. (Except more grand-babies of course) One thing new though... I am&nbsp;5 years into my second marriage and let me tell you...LIFE begins with a TRUE Soulmate! After 20 years wasted in the first marriage I feel like a new beginning is upon me with my husband &quot;Michael&quot;. I'm not going to talk about the perfect man, because honey...I already got him! Life is good. My recent infatuation in life is spending time with my grandchildren and still train for half marathons. Michael is no longer an exercise buff but a great trainer for me! We still bike together, run together, and play together. I can't get enough of him. Then there is my NADIA..She is my eldest grand-daughter, my peanut-butter, and another reason I breathe. I am her Nana and a proud Nana at that. I'm sure my page will be full of this little girl.<br /> Then there is my daughter ALICIA. She is going to be my inspiration. I will be writing stories here called Alicia's story. She is a TWO&nbsp;Time CANCER&nbsp;SURVIVOR. She is now 16 years cancer free this year so I feel safe to speak&nbsp;of her fight. Being the mother of a child who has gone through this ordeal will only be the last chapter in a book that I may someday write.<br /> <br /> </span>

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Alicia was six years old when her and a friend were in my living room doing cartwheels. As I watched the girls, Alicia’s little shirt stretched...
Where have the years gone?! I’m now forty-six and feel like I have lived a lifetime already. If the good Lord took me today I’d only be...