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<p>I am 22, married, and expecting my second child.&nbsp; I have a 7 month old son and his name is Noah.&nbsp;As far as my interests go, &nbsp;I love sports and being outside, but I'm also a bit of a girly girl,&nbsp;I do&nbsp;like the normal &quot;girly&quot; activities like shopping and having manicures/pedicures.&nbsp; However,&nbsp; I can appreciate a Sunday spent&nbsp;fishing as well as any one esle.&nbsp; I also love reading and love getting suggestions on good books to try out.&nbsp;I enjoy making jewlry and scrapbooking.&nbsp; I HATE cooking, maybe thats because I'm absolutely terrible at it,&nbsp;seriously though&nbsp;me + cooking = buring/fire.&nbsp; I have a great dog that I love taking&nbsp;for walks on various nature trails.&nbsp; &nbsp;But of course, I'm sure it goes without saying that my ultimate pastime would be playing with my kid, hes so much more fun than&nbsp;alot of the adults I know!&nbsp; I realize I am a new young Wife and Mom, and while some people don't agree, I must say that I truly think that people are getting married and having children alot younger now adays, which in my opinion makes for excellent retirement plans!&nbsp;</p>

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