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Here’s what I believe about womanhood, motherhood and you: All women are beautiful, and there is no dress code at No Makeup Required. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing yoga pants, pajamas, a business suit, sweats, a baseball hat, designer clothes, or your old high school tee shirt full of holes. They’re all fine with me. There are no cliques and no competitions here, and the size of your house, bank account, clothes, or waistline make no difference to me. When I ask, “How are you?” I actually want to know. I accept that I will not see the bottom of the kitchen sink or laundry basket until the last kid leaves home, and I hope you do too. Dust bunnies can be adopted freely as part of the family. The family car qualifies as a second home, a doctor’s office and a therapist’s couch. It doesn’t matter to me if you have wrinkles, stretch marks, a wayward hair, or something in your teeth. Chances are I have the same thing going on too. No Makeup Required is here for you, enjoy! Just stop on by… and you don’t even need to call first.

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I’ve always wondered what goes on in a child’s mind, a small person who can’t yet speak in full sentences. However, I am convinced...
The first five years of your child’s life are full of milestones. During those years, you faithfully record every one of those milestones in...