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Livin the dream...roadtrippin through life right down the middle of the road! A world filled with family, friends, adventure, and pure joy! followin my bliss wherever it leads me! I have always lived my life following my bliss....i live through my intuition and my life is full of play, fun and joy....i stay home with my lovely kids and plan adventure after adventure.&nbsp; I am creating, with my family team, a charmed life--a life full of wondrous treasures, balance, good health and wellbeing, which is all about the journey and not the destination.&nbsp; I have used alternative health therapies and nutrition to recover from Lymes Disease and have found, through my explorations into extreme health that moderation is key and the middle of the road is the best place to be for me. <br /> <br /> I write regularly on my roadtrip through life right down the middle of the road on my healthy lifestyle blog. Please come join me!<br /> <br /> You can find my blog here:

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Smoothies are GREAT! I love a good GREEN smoothie every morning for its wonderful health benefits and to help keep my body slim ... I started getting...
Over Easter school break, we took a family road trip vacation. We enjoyed the beautiful rolling countryside of the blue ridge mountains of Virginia...
Getting’ down and dirty ... How AWESOME is that? I just came in from digging in my garden. Since I was a wee little lass I have loved to get...