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<span> <p>Born and raised in the Carolinas, Paige began writing short stories in her early teens, and earned a degree in Mass Communications, with a Minor in Dance. However, her writing took a back seat to her career in sales, but she eventually found her voice again amongst the mergers within the banking industry. <br /> <br /> She is currently writing two fiction novels set against the backdrop of the North Carolina Mountains. Paige is published in January 2010 in the <i>Southern Womens Review</i> with her short story, &quot;Ode to Wavy Hair&quot;.</p> </span>

Stories by Paige

I have been writing all of my life. I have been dreaming all of my life. Unfortunately, the dreams and writing never connected, and only served to...
It may just be that the South of France actually is just as “southern” as the American “southern,” with the exception of one...