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I am happily married to a wonderful man, we dated 3 months and have been married for 30 years.<br /> I have 2 children and one stepdaughter. 3 beautiful grandchildren, all boys, 2 eight year olds and 1 five year old. I would love to have a granddaughter, but I do think that will ever happen, my daughter cannot have any more children and my son is seriously involved with a young lady that cannot have children. <br /> <br /> My daughter and her son live with us. She is 37 and a recovering addict. And if anybody out there has ever dealt with an addict, you can relate to what I have gone through. <br /> <br /> I am very close to my children, maybe too close. It is so hard to let go.<br /> <br /> I would love to make friends with someone that I can talk to, I do not really have any close friends.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />

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