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Pam Wilson is the author of S.O.S From Suburbia, a humorous look at surviving the craziness of the suburbs with great hair, good friends, and the energy to be Supermom while figuring out what is truly worthwhile. For the last nine years, Wilson has written a parenting column for St. Louis Moms and Dads, which focuses on the humor in everyday life. For a year, she wrote the “Off the Beaten Path” column for SwimBikeRun St. Louis, exploring different exercise options both inside and outside the gym. Wilson says, “S.O.S. From Suburbia” is a universal story for all women dreaming of a good night’s sleep, an over-the-top anniversary celebration and perfect thighs, while enjoying the wild ride along the way.” She likes to say “my stories are like Sex and the City…without the sex and without the city.” Visit her website at: for more information and to order the book.

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