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<p>I am a mom of four and wife of twenty plus years, a woman seeking to hear and follow God's call in my life.&nbsp; I have done many things in my life.&nbsp; Been many things in my life.&nbsp; I guess I will let my story speak to you.</p> <p>I met my hubby of twenty + years while at a small Catholic College in Michigan. I am a DC gal who has yet to overcome my culture shock and feel at home in the Midwest. I do love where we are living, we have many friends and a wonderful home, but I still yearn.<br /> <br /> I was married just out of college and so did not start a career right away. We dealt with children young and not on our time frame, but we were parents none the less. My hubby has always been supportive of whatever I do and I have done quite a bit, all of it related to each other, but still there have been a few things; while my hubby has been at the same job forever, right out of college! I began as a researcher for Common Cause, left that to put my college degree of social work to work when a friend of my mother-in-law, who was the director of a program dealing with mothers in crisis, needed someone who could work with moms. I held that job for over 15 years dealing with moms who were involved with the courts and whose children where either going to foster care or being taken away permanently. It was not an easy job, but it is where I learned to be compassionate and understanding. It is also where I saw how spiritual hunger can cause such heart ache. Working for Catholic Social Services gave me opportunities to speak at workshops for Head Start and other parenting groups. I was involved with creating Parenting U for the School broad here.<br /> <br /> I left CSS to return to school and while my boss wanted me to go into psychology or psychiatry God had other plans and I took a course in Spiritual Direction; becoming a Director in 1998. I did the course of study in Spiritual Direction while pregnant with my twins! After formation I spent some time in private practice working with moms, they were the ones who would seek me out for direction.<br /> <br /> I was beginning to see that each place God lead taught me something I needed to know, at the time it wasn't clear but I was beginning to get a clue. God lead me to be the Director of Project Rachel for my diocese here and I spent time training Priests and Deacons on issues of post abortion, helping them understand the unique spiritual nature of post abortive woman. I lead retreats, spoke to church groups and schools, who ever would have me on post abortion issues. Here is an article written during my time as <a rel="nofollow" href=";partnerid=1&amp;article_id=147">Director of Project Rachel</a>. I was sought after to speak at workshops and conferences, it was an exciting but draining time and I knew God was again calling me onward.</p>

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