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I live by “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “do no harm”. I am spiritual, but not religious. I have a 22 year old cat, three-legged cat, and a perfectly healthy black cat. We were forced by circumstance to give up our dog that fell on his head when he was one week old named Thud, you can now find him on NAWFL website as "Bud" - Thud was too out-there for them, lol. A goose with a deformed beak (and another goose and three ducks). A rescued boa with mouth and shedding issues that eats cornish game hens. A rescued white rat that was rejected by a ball python as dinner. I have raised racoons and squirrels and baby birds, rats, mice, iguanas..... I have three wonderful adult children and four fantastic grandbabies. I am in a committed (as I should be committed) relationship with a USMC caused PTSD patient with neurological problems too. I own a 100 year old house in a little waterfront Long Island village. I am a paralegal at a prestigious East Hampton law firm. I went to college at 40 and pulled a 4.0 GPA. I am great with everyone else's issues - but can't get a handle on mine. GODDESS BLESS THE USA

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There is a haven in our midst. It is accepting of all religions and even of those, like me, with no conventional religion. I had met some members...
She could visualize it clearly. The shiny rectangle of metal nestled in its white cardboard sheath resting patiently under the clock radio. It was a...