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<p>Hi and thank you so much for visiting my profile! I recently got married last February and I have a wonderful husband and two adorable little puppies!&nbsp;Skincare is a passion of mine - it all started when I&nbsp;had bad skin and loved all the cute little bath and body products but couldn't use them. That's why you'll see me write quite a bit about skincare on here! Well...&nbsp;I've just started posting articles but I&nbsp;plan to post many more!</p> <p>I majored in Engineering but found that the subject wasn't satisfying enough for me. I have a creative side that I&nbsp;just have to use! So I found myself in business development for an engineering related company!</p> <p>Please feel free to friend me on here or shoot me an email anytime... I'd love to meet other people on here!</p> <p>Have a great day!</p> <p><strong>Rachel Timmerman<br /> Co-Founder of Athena's Olive Tree - where we believe you should indulge the godess in you!<br /> For the best skincare, bath, and body products visit </strong><a rel="nofollow" href=""><strong></strong></a></p>

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