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<p>My blog at began when I started writing a book to support women/men in the aftermath of abuse and it has now become a resource and support center for anyone dealing with domestic violence/abuse and the aftermath. My prayer is that is helps. I encourage you to link to this blog as it help others find it.</p> <p>My goal in creating this blog is to provide a safe place to fall for anyone who has been touched by violence of any kind. I strive is to inform, empower, empathize, motivate and inspire you to demand more of you and those around you to stop abuse of any kind.</p> <p>On February 7th, Tara posted, &ldquo;I came across this site while looking for quotes about abuse. I just want to say it is a great site for people who have been in abusive relationships and need either courage to leave or support if you have been or are in an abusive relationship.&rdquo;</p> <p>My heart melted as this has been my goal all along. Please link to this supportive blog to help others like Tara find the encouragement and community they need at this most difficult time we all have shared. Let&rsquo;s work together using our words and blog posts to show those that feel alone that they are never really alone, we are always here for them. We understand, we have been there and we really care.</p> <p>Please note, unless you post, Safe to email or permission to email, in a comment I will never email you directly but will respond in a post. This is for your safety.</p> I am a writer, dreamer and true believer that you change your life by changing your focus.<br /> <br /> <p>Love &amp; Peace,<br /> Rebecca </p>

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