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I'm a Mom, Entrepreneur and Wife.&nbsp; Juggling the three has been nothing short of a virtually impossible balancing act.&nbsp;&nbsp; My only hope is that I'm bringing love and joy to everyone while I run around all day.&nbsp; I'm an Artist who is also a Mompreneur.&nbsp; I help make and sell handmade and hand-finished Deep Soaking Tubs that can also be Portable Hot Tubs.&nbsp; My hot tubs are made out of luxurious stainless steel.&nbsp; This style of tub is called a Japanese Soaking Tub or an Ofuro.&nbsp; I have taken a Modern Twist on it and made it out of materials available today with today's style and sleek looks.<br /> <br /> I love how people have gotten really creative with my handcrafted tubs.&nbsp; Some women are throwing at-home spa treatment parties with their girlfriends and Bachelorette parties have never been quite the same since our tubs are portable and it has become incorporated into their activities to pamper themselves and their friends.<br /> <br /> I also love seeing how cleverly people have renovated their bathrooms to include my Relaxation Tub in their bathrooms since they have a small footprint.&nbsp; Go visit my website and signup for my newsletter.&nbsp; I talk about health, family, relationships, cooking and of course the benefits of taking a deep soaking tub bath!<br /> <br />

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