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<p>Pieces of Me</p> <p>Pieces of me I've lost through the years through unkind words and thoughtless deeds.</p> <p>Yet I lie like a mat and say wipe here please.</p> <p>Gashes of self torn like flesh yet I seek approval and hurt afresh.</p> <p>Pieces of self tossed to the side as I smile and pretend you have not injured my pride.</p> <p>Pieces of me I reach to bring down from the shelf dust off the cobwebs&nbsp; that they may shine anew.</p> <p>Pieces of me I scrape from places lower than my shoe.</p> <p>Pieces of me I try to grasp onto each day and hold tight with my fist lest they blow away with the blustery demands of life each day.</p> <p>Pieces of me I cherish like the lost laughter of childhood and fleeting summer.&nbsp; </p> <p>Yet I push them away and reach for them again as I try and piece together the jigsaw puzzle that is me</p>

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