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Robert Starcrest can be characterized as a strong family man whose faith in and relationship with God define his daily life. His faith journey, love of family, assisting others in achieving success, attaining personal goals and staying active are the cornerstone of his life. He has a long history of community service which saw him receive the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal from the President of the United States. Serving 20-years in the U.S. Navy developed in him a strong character and an ability to guide others to achieving excellence. He has, for over 25-years, honed his skills as an entertainer through his vocal talents and acting ability on stages in San Diego and Cincinnati. Sports of all sorts interest him as a golfer, tennis and racquetball player and lover of outdoor activities from hiking, kayaking and hunting, he loves staying active. Whether serving with Big Brothers of Cincinnati, acting as a national project manager of a large global accounting firm, serving his faith community, helping start a local non-profit organization, performing on stage or simply spending quiet time with friends and family, Robert is a gregarious, outgoing, fun-loving person who is comfortable and excels in most every situation or circumstance. In this forum Robert will share his life experiences through the lenses of hope, triumph, love, fear and adventure. He only hopes that his sharing will lighten the load for his readers, bring about joy and laughter while instilling in each that they are not alone and life is an adventure to be experienced and embraced. “And what are you prepared to do now?”

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You’re Welcome “Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.” –Proverbs 25:25 (TNIV)   I...