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I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks literally! Dad and mom were working poor, immigrants' children who valued education. Our rental was on a busy street with a massive,brick factory building next door and a general store on the other side. Behind the house was a rail line and beer distributorship.Once a date was late- he could not believe the address was correct, because at that point, my education had catapulted me beyond my humble beginnings. He could not believe the girl with high SATs lived there! My terrific public school education changed my life so that at 29 I was earning five times what my dad had earned upon retirement. He was proud, that's why he worked nights and weekends for decades. My education afforded me great privilege, and I am Hell bent on returning the favor. I have been writing about educational reform for years, as my children enjoyed private schools, I want private schools practaces and strategies to be available to all our children because it benefits the Nation.

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Until my kids came along, I’d been sort of an “intellectual lemming” marching lockstep to a place of perceived greatness, driven by...