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<div style="margin: 0in 0in 6pt">I <span style="color: black">speak, teach and consult internationally</span> in the nascent field of cultural strategy which addresses the importance of creating balance among culture, community and commerce.&nbsp;I developed iCREATE [Innovative Community Revitalization through Entrepreneurial Arts Technology &amp; Enterprise] which advocates for historically disadvantaged populations seeking access to skills and resources that provide economic opportunity to sustainably improve their quality of life.&nbsp;The overarching goal is to create and employ a community-based economic model that redefines the relationship between for profit and nonprofit organizations, community and business, and government sectors and faith-based organizations, and brings together non-traditional resources, and an equitable mix of public and private resources that provide collaborative solutions to socio-economic problems The first program to implement its mission and objectives is the Texas Legacy Arts Incubator (TLAI), an architectural artisan-based economic development model designed to incubate micro-enterprise in Texas.&nbsp;In addition to the economic value TLAI will provide to the community, it will bring a wide variety of educational opportunities relating to greenbuilding, economy/ecology, cultural legacy knowledge, organic food manufacturing, bioenergy and many others.&nbsp;I am based in Austin Texas where I manage a global network of connections and own Caf&eacute; Caffeine, the hippest coffee shop in South Austin.</div>

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