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<p>I'm the mother of two fabulous human beings.&nbsp; Corey is 15, has a wicked sense of humor and a tremendous heart, which counterbalances his teen 'tude and the effects of ADD.&nbsp; Madelyn is four... months, that is.&nbsp; She was the surprise of a lifetime.&nbsp; I have felt a daughter waiting for me since I brought my son home from the hospital, so I'm beyond ecstatic to finally meet her.&nbsp; Yeah, she's the greatest baby in the world, an excellent communicator (why bother with crying when yelling gets the job done that much faster?) and she's always smiling.&nbsp; Even if she's crying, she'll try to smile back at you... I'm pretty sure I was older when the bliss that is laughter through tears came to me.</p> <p>I am also Tom's wife.&nbsp; You know, there was a special glow around our relationship throughout my pregnancy and the first few months of Mad's life.&nbsp; I knew it wouldn't stay quite like that forever and I was right, but even without the anticipation or the relief and joy and sense of accomplishment and newness&nbsp;swelling around us, I still look at him and wonder how I got to be the one he chose.</p> <p>Aside from that, I run a work experience program for high school kids with developmental disabilities.&nbsp; Thank goodness I love my job and the people I work with, because I have been dreading returning to work after having Mad.&nbsp; Someday soon I hope we can work it out that I can be home more.</p>

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