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<p>Shawna's goal is to inspire the world, with her dynamic personality and infectious enthusiasm;to get off the couch and get out into the natural environment to improve physical and emotional health! Shawna Lee Coronado is an author, locally syndicated newspaper columnist, energetic speaker, and environmental and health correspondent with over eighteen years of experience with sales and public relations.</p> <p>Shawna's book <em>Gardening Nude</em> and blog of the same name - - is inspirational in spirit and focuses on her &quot;Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community&quot; theme.</p> <p>Being very active in local community is critical to Shawna's inspirational message. She is heavily involved with many community greening and improvement organizations and is currently on the Board of Directors for Fermilab National Accelerator's Natural Areas. She works closely with the local America In Bloom organization and has participated in many local groups such as environmental advisory commissions, conservation groups, parks and forestry associations, and educational institutions.</p> <p><em>The Casual Gardener</em> is the name of her greening, gardening, and better health newspaper column. The website features a very special project where Shawna writes short photo stories on people in the global community who are doing something special to help others. It's a way to show the world that there are still kind people who are doing great things to help others.</p> <p>Shawna's experience in public speaking, business development, communication, sales management, and online marketing has helped her spread the positive health and greening message. Shawna wants to inspire positive change for the world's health!</p> <p>Focused on nature, Shawna's landscape design and gardening expertise motivates her to be outdoors experiencing a healthier lifestyle. This experience has significantly improved her health and emotional well-being and has contributed to her environmental awareness and expertise.</p> <p>Shawna lives and works in a suburb of Chicago. You can find Shawna staying healthy by working regularly in her garden with the family dog and mascot, Harry the Pug.</p>

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