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Shuntai Beaugard, MA is a Family Life Educator, who is committed to helping divorced women, single parents and individuals deal with life adversities. Her mission is to empower and enrich their lives through life coaching, workshop, seminars and other services. Shuntai is Author of “Temporarily Disconnected: How to turn on the power in your life", a motivational book for women dealing with life’s adversities. Through her book she shares some of her turning points such as life after divorce, making difficult decisions, dealing with change and finding her life’s passion. Shuntai believes that her advice and personal testimonials will help more than just women but any individual that finds them-selves in challenging situations. She wants people to understand their problems not as a permanent crisis that can’t be escaped, but as a temporary situation that can be worked through and re-solved. Shuntai began writing out of a need to express her thoughts and feelings. Journaling was how she was able to cope with her life challenges. She was able to share her life lessons with others which would be the beginning of her career as a Life Coach. In addition, Shuntai wanted to provide valuable programing for divorced women, single-parents & individuals, so she pursued a Graduate degree in Family Life Education. Now as a Family Life Educator she opened her own consulting firm entitled Reconnect My Life™ where she creates, implements and facilitates classes, workshops and seminars designed to enrich and empower the lives of divorcing/separating parents. She is also a Global Women’s Summit leader for the WIN Network. Shuntai will tour the United States and abroad highlighting social issues that are important to women in each region. Shuntai Beaugard is single mother of three sons. She is a graduate of Spring Arbor University, with a MA in Family Life Studies & BA in Management and Organizational Development. Shuntai enjoys listening to jazz, cooking and reading. For more information about me email: or visit

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