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Female 30's.. Married, kids, smart, compassionate, survivor.<br /> I believe to each his own.. &nbsp;Karma IS my friend!!<br /> I have girlfriends that mean the world to me, &amp;&nbsp;I have no problem telling them that.<br /> Women should embrace eachother more; many are too busy competing with eachother.<br /> I&nbsp;believe in the power of honesty, fairness, &amp;&nbsp;love.. <br /> <br /> I, at one point in my life; thought, &quot;this is it!, I&nbsp;have it all!&quot;<br /> Had been happily married, beautiful healthy children, nice house.. <br /> We were business owners, &amp; money caused stress.. The more you make, the more<br /> you spend is VERY&nbsp;TRUE! We had it really dang good...<br /> The last few years have been a nightmare.. <br /> <br /> I feel I'm on top of it, &amp; finally on a path that'll take me somewhere..<br /> There is a NEED within me, to write, to tell you my view, my feelings, to purge................<br />

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This story contains mature or graphic content. It needs to be known, anal play isn’t bad! It’s not unhealthy, (if done safely) doesn...