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Stacey Kannenberg is an award winning author, publisher, motivator, consultant and MOM. She is the co-author of the award winning and California and Texas Approved books; Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten! and Let’s Get Ready For First Grade! She is the publisher of two books by Syndicated Columnist Jodie Lynn, Syndication Secrets and Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer) Having, Doing, and Surviving It All! She is the publisher of Barb Rockaway’s Mommy, Where are You? and Daddy, Where are You? to be released in 2008. Stacey has been a consultant for John Brook’s Bobby Bright’s Greatest Christmas Ever! and Miracle Mouse, which features a group of former Disney and Warner Brother’s animators who hope to generate enough interest in Miracle Mouse the book to create Miracle Mouse the movie. Stacey is helping military mom Leah McDermott with her book Hurry Home. Stacey is a Consultant and Principal for Mom Central Consulting along with Mom Central's founder and national spokesperson Stacey DeBroff, of Mom Central, The Today Show and Rachael Ray Fame. Stacey is wife to Michael and Mom to Heidi, 7 and Megan, 5.

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Introduce and practice these skills at home over the summer to be ready for Kindergarten:  Share, take turns and listen quietly...