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I am a dreamer, a writer, a mom, carer of two people with disabilities (official start date November 1st 2010), a Christian, a member of MWI (Methodist Women of Ireland), Ex- president of local chapter of same, a learner, a teacher, a giver, a facillitator, a computer nerd, a gamer, a pontificator, a lover, a listener, an advocate, a wife, a gardener, a make it doer, a peacemaker.<br /> I could have been an actress, a singer, a comedy performer, a doctor, the head of the UN, rich, landed, a taker.<br /> I have been a daughter, a granddaughter, a great neice, a student, bullied, a bully, a sibling, the youngest, poor, alone, a health care professional, a secretary, a McD manager, a chipper assistant, a cafe assistant, a supermarket checkouter, an IT specialist, a bookworm, a knower of things, <br /> I have never taken illegal substances, used corporal as a method punishment, said no very often, kept a friend for life.<br /> I am best at being there for people when they need me<br /> I am worst at being there for me.<br /> I am on one crazy roller coaster of a journey that I don't want to miss one second of it. I want share Christ with everyone I meet. <br /> I live on the side of a mountain in Kerry, Ireland with 1 husband, 2 boychildren (1 living away as well), 1 dog, 6 cats, 3 rabbits and a mouse.<br /> Names used in my writings regulary:<br /> Sean, Ross, S&eacute;an, Aaron, Lara, Tarzan - owner of his world, Thunderpants SupermodelSuperhero, Tasslehips the cute and furry, Tippihendrun and the Wailers, Tallitha Tenenbaum, Tullulah TrixieBelle Don't Look At Me, Mopsie, Pudding and Pie, and wee little stinkie Milly Molly Mandy. Also with my car (getaway vehicle) and as you will discover I am about to purchase &quot;<strong><em>A&nbsp;New Shed</em></strong>&quot;<br />

Stories by Suzie Gallagher

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