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<p>I'm TheStepDad...&nbsp; Living in New York I'm writing this step parenting blog on my weekly adventures as a stepparent.&nbsp; Most of what I'll write is what I've experienced in the past that relates to what happened this week.&nbsp; So if you find me telling a lot of stories about my childhood, well that's because I was a step child as well.&nbsp; So I'm going to <em>try</em> and relate the events of the week by introducing the events in my childhood that relate.&nbsp; Hopefully it gives the feeling of connection so that I can better explain both sides of the story.&nbsp;</p> <p>Want to know more about me, check out my <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank">First Things First </a>post, it's my very first post.&nbsp; It explains a lot about me and what I'm doing here.&nbsp;</p> <p>Well, I hope you all enjoy.&nbsp; And please by all means leave comments, criticisms, and questions as you like.&nbsp; I look forward to hearing from you all.&nbsp; And Don't forget to check out my friends links along the side.&nbsp; Some really fun and interesting stuff.</p> <p>Ciao for now and have fun,</p>

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Every weekend we make a family trip to the local library (Island Trees Public Library). Danielle, our seventeen-year-old, loves to read. She usually...