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Tonilynne Eicher

<em>I am a 42 year old mother of 3 boys, and a practicing Wiccan. I love astrology and astronomy. I am so interested in human nature and the connection to astrology. I was born in July my favorite season. I am a soul searching for the ultimate gift of true love...for I had it once. I'm laid back and constantly sought after for advice or just a sit down to vent to. </em><em>I love to write&nbsp; and put down poetry. I have a black cat named Artemis who I adore as much as my children for he IS family. I will add more later not use to being asked to write about</em><br />

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I’m Tonilynne. Single mom of three boys; one on the way out, another graduating, and the third going through puberty. I’m a little bit of...