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Hi. I am 43, happily married, took 3 times for me to get it right. I have 6 beautiful children and one grand child. 2 black labs and a russian blue cat. Full noisey house. I appreciate sarcasm and honesty. I like myself. I have a good job for a non profit helping people with disabilities find work. Been there a long time. I love life, altho I am still trying figure it all out. Why? Why? Why? I have problems understanding why people make things in their life so hard. I have trouble understanding why people can't be more tolerant of one another, and I have trouble understanding why it's so hard to accept people's differences. We are not here to judge, I have learned that. There are multitudes of other reasons we have life..... I have many friends. I have few friends I spend much time with, and a few friends that I am very close with. I am very private, but Not nasty opinionated, but experience opinionated (if I happen to be versed in the subject). I try to take people at face value, and look into the heart...never the pocket book. I also seem to be the advice guru....not something I asked for, but somehow I am good at it. I am an anaylist at heart.

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