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Hello ladies! I have been learning so much, and back in my 20's and 30's i thought i was so smart!!!I have been through so many changes, most of them letting go of the toxic people in my life-and trying to learn how to handle life without chaos-cuz that's what I'm used to. So I am seeking serenity, and someone who can love me as I am- a solo Mom who is committed to family-theirs and mine!!! So many men in my age range (40-50) either never wanted kids (buh-bye!) or their kids are grown and they don't want to backtrack (uh, buh-bye again) and I get really discouraged about it. I was married in my early 20's to an older man who had custody of his 2 boys and i loved them as much as i love my own boys now. I guess I'm looking for advice on how to find family men-I'm not overly hung up on looks, I'm busy doing fun family stuff, can anyone help with advice-thanks so much if you can.....and good luck to everyone to find what you believe in!!!

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