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Essential Pilates for Beginners: Rolling like a Ball

Speaker 1: Hi. My name is Jaime Rutt. I'm a fully certified Stott Pilates instructor and I'm here to show you how Pilates can be fun and effective. So today we're gonna learn rolling like a ball. So, Stephanie is gonna demonstrate. Now, rolling like a ball is an ab exercise but if done properly you're gonna feel a great massage on your spine also. So, you're gonna start by holding your hands down by your ankles. You're gonna draw your abdominal in. You're going into a a C curve first and then use your abdominal to lift your legs off the mat pointing your toes. Now you're gonna hold and really squeeze your inner thighs find this position. You're looking right your knees. Your neck is in a good spot. Now what you're gonna do is inhale to roll back to your shoulder blades and then exhale up on the (??) and balancing there. You don't want the toes to touch and again inhale roll it back. Pull the stomach in to go and then use your abs to break at the top. Good and inhale to roll it back and exhaling up. Good one more time. Inhale back and exhale holding here. Good now, a variation if you can't roll is just to work on this starting position here. So, you just wanna pull your abs in. Squeeze those inner thighs and keep in to increase your curve and overtime then you'll be able to take it into a roll. Good. Go ahead and rest down. Great. So, just to recap for that rolling like a ball is all about the abdominal but if you pull those abs in and you really round this, you're gonna feel a nice massage as you roll. Do you feel that? Speaker 2: I did. Speaker 1: Good, good. So keep practicing at home and thanks for working out with us today.