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Essential Pilates for Beginners: Dolphin Plank

Hi. I'm Jaime Rutt. I'm a fully certified STOTT Pilates Instructor. And today we're gonna go over the Dolphin Plank. So Stephanie, I'm gonna have you go on to all fours in start. Good. Now you're gonna go down on to your elbows and then what you're gonna do here, so this exercise is all about working your core. There's nothing that you can cheat on this one. So from this position, you're gonna go ahead and step your feet back and then you really wanna pull your abdominal in, engage your gluts and then make sure your head is right up on top of your spine sliding the shoulders down and now you just wanna breath. You're gonna inhale through your nose, exhaling out. Pull the stomach in. Re-engage the gluts. Make sure everything is tight. Inhale, exhale it out. Good and one more. And you see, she's starting to shake a little bit so that means you're working. Good. And then come out of it. Just go ahead and move your knees and sit back on your heels for a second. Yeah. So there's a couple ways that that exercise can go wrong. So I'm gonna have her show you what not to do so make sure when you're at home that you're making... you're supporting with your abdominal and not going in to your lower back. So go ahead and go back in your position, stepping your feet back. Now one thing, if you let your abdominal go, you're gonna see that the lower back is swaying here so go ahead and pull those abs up. So you should really feel everything in your abdominal and not in your lower back. In the other way, go ahead and bring your head up too. The other thing to make sure that your hips aren't way up in the air. So go ahead and squeeze your gluts. So you want the head, shoulders, hips, all in one nice diagonal as you go down. Good. Go ahead and rest. Good. Okay. So that is the Dolphin Plank and when you do the Dolphin Plank, you're working your abdominal, you're working to stabilize of your shoulders and then if you're doing it right, you're gonna start to feel that shake happening. So thank you so much Stephanie for doing that exercise and thank you for working out with us today.