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Essential Pilates for Beginners: Double Leg Stretch

Hi. I'm Jamie Rutt. I'm a fully certified STTOT-wise instructor and today we're gonna go over the exercise double leg stretch. So Stephanie is gonna go ahead and demonstrate. So go ahead and roll down to your line in your lower back. Now, we're gonna start out with the prep for this exercise 'cause it's really important that you don't get into your lower back. So go ahead and take your hands behind your head. Good. And then bring your legs up to table-top. Now, you're gonna curl your body up so your shoulder blade are trying to lift up and off the mat. Now, without loosing this connection here in your abdominals, you're gonna inhale to reach your legs away from you then exhale pulling them back in. Inhale, stretch the legs away. Exhale, pull the legs in. Two more. Inhale to stretch. Exhale and pull the legs in. Good. One more. Stretch and exhale, pull the legs in. Good. Go ahead and lower the head and legs down. Good. So now, we're gonna add a coordination element to that. So what you wanna do is bring your legs back up to table-top. We're gonna do the first one nice and slow. So you're gonna nudge your chin, curl up, reach for your ankle. Good. Now, you're gonna bend your arms by your ears. Inhale to stretch your arms and legs away from each other without lowering the body down. Now, exhale. Circle the arms around reaching for those legs. Inhale, stretch the arms and legs away from one another. Keep those up, holding up the challenge. Exhale, circle around. Good. Inhale stretching out. Keep those down pulling into the back arch, exhale pull it in. Good. One more time. Inhale, stretch the arms and legs, keep pulling in here. Beautiful. That was perfect. Exhale around. Hold it there and the go ahead and lower all the way down. So you can see the challenge of that exercise as you get tired, it's really easy to let the back start to arch and sway. So you wanna make sure you keep your ribs and your hips closed on that one. So that was our double-leg stretch. You could see on double-leg stretch if you don't keep your abdominals in, you're gonna start to feel your back arch. So you always keep your ribs and your hips pulling in towards one another especially when you have the coordination of the arms and the legs. So that was our double-leg stretch. Thank you so much for working out with us today.