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Essential Pilates for Beginners: One Leg Circle

Hi. My name is Jamie Rutt. I'm a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor. And today we're gonna take you to the exercise one-leg circle. My assistant Stephanie here is going to demonstrate so go ahead and roll down to your lower back if you're lying down in the mat. You get a pressure hands on to the mat and extend the legs down long. So you wanna draw your right leg up towards the ceiling. Bend the knee in and then extend it fully. Now here, you wanna be in a neutral spine you so want a little space underneath your lower back and you wanna keep that stable. That's the challenge of this exercise. What we're gonna do here is work the muscles and the legs. So you really wanna point the toe and stretch long. Now, we're just gonna start circling the leg across the body and around and up. In this exercise, you just wanna breath naturally. So just inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth keeping the abdominal pulled in and the hips as stable as you can and really anchor your shoulder sound so you feel fore point on the neck, your shoulders and your hip. And now, go ahead and reverse the circle and keeping the breathing. Just inhaling and exhaling. Nice. Good. Keep drawing the abdominal in and now hold here. You wanna bend your right knee in and then just go ahead and extend it down along the mat. Again, we're gonna go ahead in to the left leg so draw that left leg so draw that left leg in. Extend the leg up to the ceiling. Really keep your neutral spine anchors and now circle leg across the body and around and up and just breathing in to the nose, exhaling out through the mouth. Good. Keeping the abdominal drawing in and then go ahead and reverse the circle. Good and again. Just keep the breath going. Keep reaching long through that leg pointing the toe. Good. And then hold in the center, bend that knee in and extend it down long on the mat. Good and go ahead and come on up. Great. So that exercise for one-leg circle, you wanna make sure that you keep your pelvis stable as you go. You don't wanna have your hips rocking and rolling all over the place. So keep the abdominal zipped in and keep your shoulders down. Really stretch long to that leg so you get nice long lean muscles. Thanks for working out with us today.