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Essential Pilates for Beginners: Open Leg Rocker

Hi. My name is Jamie Rutt, I'm a fully certified STOTT-Pilates instructor and today we're gonna go do the exercise called open-leg-rocker. So, Stephanie is here to demonstrate and we're gonna start with a prep because open-leg-rocker is an intermediate exercise and it's again, all about your abdominal and balance. So, we're gonna start, you're gonna hold the abdominal and then just roll back off from the zip bone. Good. Now, bring your legs at the table top. Okay. Now, you wanna grab out by the angle and then take the legs about hip distance apart. Good. So, this is your starting position and this is actually how you're going to roll too. So, you're gonna draw your abdominal then, you're gonna roll back to the shoulder blade and then come back up on the zip bone, hold here now. Here, you wanna go for a little leg in your sign. You're really pulling your chest forward. So, in the other hole, act a roller back. Good. Inhale, holding here, lifting up the chest. One more time like that. Roll back, inhale, hold here. Good. So, we're gonna go into the next version of open-leg-rocker. So, what you wanna do is stand up nice and tall, holding on to the angle and just go ahead and extend your right leg and then sit out tall and then go ahead and extend your left leg out. Good. Holding there. Now, if holding this position is hard enough, that you really use your arms to pull on the leg, lift up to the chest, pull the abdomen. Good. Now, you're gonna try and roll it. Inhale to go back, exhale, up until the zip bone, lift, lift, lift the upper chest. Good. Hold. Again, inhale to roll it back. Exhale, hold, lift, lift, lift. Now, as you roll back, don't let your head pull back. So, tuck your chin in as you roll. There you go. Last time, holding up here. Lift up to the chest hold, inhale, and then exhale, relaxing like out. Now, you saw Stephanie. Good. So, you can see why this is an intermediate exercise. There's a lot of abdominal work. You have to use your arms for stability and then you have to balance at the top. So, that was a great job. Thank you so much. Thanks for working out with us today. That's open-leg-rocker.