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How to Create a Messy Updo

So, messy up do. Messy up do, what does that mean? That means that you can go crazy and do whatever you wanted to do and make it messy. I like to call the messy up do that I'm about to do, I even gave it a name, I call it the pineapple and I'll show you what I mean by that. So, what we're gonna do... messy up dos can be really quick, really simple, really fun. I'm actually gonna prep the hair on dry hair and I'm gonna use a texturizing spray which also doubles up as a dry shampoo and the reason I love using this product is because it actually gives me volume. So, a little bit at the roots. A little bit of texture spray all around the head and just gives you that nice ready textured beauty feel which is perfect for my pineapple. People would laugh at me 'cause I call it a pineapple 'cause that's what I like to call it. So, what we wanna do, we wanna pull the hair back in the center, creating a nice foundation, okay and I'm gonna use this little spring clips. They're extremely tiny but what I love about them is they're very easy to hide in your hair and for being this tiny, they've got a really really good grip. Okay? So, every section I take, pay a good close attention because every section I take, I actually give it a little bit of a twist and I put these little puppies in. You wanna clip it right at the base of the hair and you wanna work towards the crow. So, we wanna build a messy up do right over here. Everybody wants some height on top of their crown right? You know what they say, the bigger the hair, the closer to God. So let's get it nice and big and textured and messy since we're doing a messy up do. So every section, take each section, set it right to the base of the hair and don't forget to twist. We have a really good foundation at the roots. Keep adding these. Also, just a really fun, really easy hairstyle to do. And although it's messy, this is something you can definitely wear to a party or casual. So when I get to the back, I'm also taking sections. I'm giving it a twist and then everything comes up towards this area right here. So put in a little (clip?). In the salon, we have fun with this up do because we always have a competition to see who can do it the fastest. Really easy, really quick. No bobby pins. No... not so much product and we (??) with that. Again, don't forget to do the twisting action. By the way, this come in all different colors. So again, use the color that's suited for your hair. Some people like to expose them. Just depends on what you're going for. Some people like them hidden away. Take my section in the back, twist, twist, twist. You can see it starting to take shape. Really fun, really easy. Don't worry about the ends right now. I'm gonna show you what you're gonna do with the ends. As you get to the back, you wanna twist this up, all the way to the top. That's feeling secure? Perfect. We have a little trick too. If you take a whole section and you twist, depending on how much of the ends you want out, you can twist and twist and twist all the way and have very little ends left out or you can twist just halfway and you can have more ends hanging out. So, I'm choosing to have quite a bit of the ends hang out. So I can show you what we're gonna do with that. Little twist. So, you wanna take the ends and you like, you can add a little bit more of your dry shampoo 'cause that will give us some volume and some hold and you can pull some pieces down just to soften up the back if you want but you don't wanna cover it up too much because you do wanna see the twisting effect that we have in the back. So you just have a nice fan cascading texture. So there you have it, a fun messy up do which I love to call the pineapple and as you saw, it only took us a few minutes. Enjoy. Have fun with it.