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How to Shape Your Eyebrows Using Makeup

Many women spend a lot of time and money keeping their bushy brows in check. I, on the other hand, spend most of my efforts trying to beef up my barely there brows using growth serums and makeup. If you have naturally light or sparse eyebrows, or if you’ve over-tweezed like I have, you may want to know how to shape your eyebrows using makeup.

Hi. My name is Katie and I'm a professional make up artist and today, Jamie and I are gonna be talking about brows and how to shape them that will fit your face. Brows are super important, either it will picture frames your eyes. And I always tell people, you know if you bought a really expensive piece of art, you wouldn't just tuck it on to your wallet, you'd probably take it and get it matted and framed and so here we're gonna do the same thing with eyebrows. We're gonna get this brow in a perfect shape to compliment your eye, and we're gonna make it a little bit darker, because dark brows aren't just for the runway, you can do them at home, you can take them out of the street, people will notice and I think you'll love it. So, the very first thing, when you figure out where your brows should be shaped, you look for something flat, straight, a pencil, a make up brush or a ruler and there is three points of difference here that need to be focused about. The first is where the brush should begin , you create a straight line on the outside of the nose up, this is where the brows should start. Looking straight ahead Jamie, if you go from the outside of your pupil to corner of your nose, go straight out. This is where the art should be. And then from the outside of the eye to the corner of the nose. This is where the brow should end. So, once you kinda have that in your head, you're ready to go. You can use a pencil or you can use a shadow to fill in your eyebrows. We're gonna use a shadow today. It's really easy and its long length and we're gonna do, is we're just gonna use short feathery strokes, because you don't wanna draw the brow on or its gonna be one thick line. You wanna kinda dab this color into the eyebrow. And I like to use a little eyebrow brush to comb it through which will make it look a little bit more natural and some people don't really have much of an arch, some people do. I mean realistically of course you can change your eyebrows. Anything is possible with make up, but going with the natural shape of your brow, its probably gonna be the best compliment to your face. Jamie is very fortunate because she has short eyebrow hairs at the same place, 'cause if your eyebrow hairs are unruly and long, you can use something like a wax which you can buy at almost any make up line. They come in neither sticks and little pots and then you can just kind of dab that on the eyebrow and then comb that through or you can use a brow gel to set the eyebrow. These are two of the best way to keep this unruly hairs in place. (??) filling the eyebrows, you can see its fantastic. We can do the other one and something I always tell me clients, is brows are sisters and not twins. So, they look alike, but they're not... they're not identical. Some of the qualities, but sometimes they're a little different and there is nothing wrong with that. I mean most people say that they are not a 100% symmetrical. And its the little differences that make us interesting and we should just embrace it , instead of trying to make cookie cutter eyebrows. So, like I said the most important thing is to remember these 3 spots for the eyebrow. You wanna start by creating a straight line from the corner of your nose or from the outside your nose upwards. From the outside of your pupil to the corner of your nose and from the corner of your nose to the corner of your eyes. There are the three points of which you need to focus your attention to get the natural curve and arch of your eyebrow. You need a brow powder, something matte, comb it through. Short feathery strokes and your eyebrows would be looking awesome in no time.