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How to Straighten Hair with a Flat Iron

Hello. I'm Aubrey Loots, co-owner of Studio DNA Salons in Los Angeles. I'm very excited to be bringing you how to do it at home hairstyles from the red carpet and also the runway. Today,we're gonna start with a simple technique of how to straighten your hair. Not many people know this technique although it's one of the easiest techniques we have to show you today. All you need is a flat iron and a very light hair spray and I'm gonna show you some simple tricks of how to section your hair and how to get that quick look when you're running out the door to attend a cocktail party. So the first thing we wanna do in creating a straight look is you want to section the hair. Now, I know many of you don't have a lot of time at home to do what we do in the salon but it's really important to section the hair at least in two sections and we're gonna take it very easy. Hold in a side clip. You wanna take one piece of hair out of the way and you're gonna start at the bottom. You always wanna start at the bottom so you're not over drying or over-scraping the hair. So what we're gonna do on Mady, we're gonna take a section and like I said you do wanna use a light hair spray. Nothing too heavy. Give it a light spritz. Take your section. Take your flight iron. It's also important to know that when you're using a flat iron, if you are someone with finer textured hair, you wanna keep your flat iron at around 350 to 400 degrees at the most. The thicker and courser your hair is, you can go from 400 to 450 but for fine hair like I have on my model, Mady, although she has a lot of hair, she does have finer hair. So we wanna make sure that we don't keep that flat iron on the hair too long and we wanna make sure that it's not more than 400 degrees at most. So you can see that beautiful shine coming through from the flat iron. Then you take the next section. We're gonna do the same thing. You can actually see the difference in texture of the piece that we've just done and the piece we're about to do. Again, a very light spray because you wanna create some hold as well. Just because someone's hair is super straight it doesn't mean that shouldn't hold, right. So again, go through and keep the flat iron in motion. You never wanna stop midway 'cause what's gonna happen, you're gonna create this line. You're gonna walk into your cocktail party with these very sharp lines in your straight hair. Now, that's something you do not want. What I like to do is to run my comb through it right after you've gone the flat iron through it and you have that beautiful sleek shiny hair. I wanna show you a little trick too if you do have a fringe. Again, use your butterfly clip. Section some hair out of the way. A little light hairspray and we have a little mini version flat iron. So depending on the look that you wanna recreate, if you want it nice and sleek straight down. Straight down again and while the hair has heat on it, you wanna give it a comb through. Go to the other section. A nice sleek bangs. Now, what happens if you straighten your fringe and you find out that it's too long, it's in your eyes. Well, look closely. I'll show you a little trick. Just take your flat iron. Take the first section. Hold the same position, pull it through and when you come to the end give it a nice little curl. So that your fringe sits on top of your eyebrows and doesn't poke you in the eyes all night. So we'll do this again. Take your section and your flat iron through. Keep it moving and just twist up the bottom... and there we go. We can see your eyes. And that's how we do it to create a straight look with a flat iron.